Dearborn family wins lotto


Mark and Cindy Hill rake in over $293 million                                                                

Mark and Cindy Hill are presented with their winnings Friday. Brett Adkison | The Leader


Cindy Hill didn’t have her glasses, so she wasn’t sure if she was seeing the numbers correctly.


She had just dropped her daughter off at school and stopped at the conveince store to check her lottery tickets from the evening before. Each time she lined up her numbers with the winners, they came out the same.


“I called my husband and told him, ‘I think I’m having a heart attack,” said the 51-year-old Dearborn, Mo. woman. “I think we just won the lottery!”


Not just the lottery; the biggest lottery.


Mark and Cindy Hill had purchased one of two tickets nationally that lined up with the six winning numbers on the November 28 Powerball, a split that netted the Hills $293,750. million. The second ticket was sold in Arizona.


Of course, Cindy had to go to her mother-in-laws and have her double-check the numbers before she realized their new fortune. She had been laid off this past summer. The family traveled to Jefferson City to verify the ticket. Mark went to a local store to pick up toothpaste – they’d forgotten theirs at home – and caught himself comparing the prices. Adjusting might take awhile.

Lowell Hartell, a Plattsburg alum, received $50k for selling the winning ticket.


The Hill family was presented their winnings during a conference at North Platte High School on November 30th. Also that day, Plattsburg High School alum Lowell Hartell was presented a check for $50,000 since it was his store – the Dearborn, Mo. Trex Mart – that sold the winning ticket.

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  1. please do something GOOD with the money

  2. I went to School with Cindy and mark. They will set up scholarships for students in the area. They will still act like the same people. It will not go to there head. It could of not happened to a nicer family.

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