Clinton County goes non-binding


Clinton County won’t bind delegates in Republican primary            

Residents work through the local Republican caucus on Saturday in Clinton County. Brett Adkison | The Clinton County Leader

Clinton County’s voice in the Republican presidential primary will be nine delegates strong. The candidate they back is still undecided.

Over 80 people took part in Clinton County’s Republican caucus Saturday, during which residents voted 39-34 to leave the county’s delegates unbound to any particular candidate.

More than 20 nominations were submitted, with the nine elected delegates: Bryan Johnson, Wade Wilken, Jr., Justin Persell, Leila Christensen, Lyle Grafton, Linda Cassity, Steve Mowry, Ann Mowry and Steven Brooks.

They will go on to represent the county in the district and state Republican conventions.

Of the nine delegates, only three disclosed their current preference for primary – Wilken, Grafton and Steve Mowry – with all three backing Senator Rick Santorum. They aren’t tied to that choice when they attend the conventions.

The remaining six didn’t voice any preference on Saturday.

This past February, Missouri held a Republican primary election, with Sen. Santorum coming out ahead of the field. The results of that state-mandated election didn’t allocate delegates to the candidates, however, because the Republican National Committee had required Missouri to move its primaries to March or later.

For the full story, check out next week’s issue of The Clinton County Leader.


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